process mining
done right.

Shining in the best light!
Enlighten your audience with
striking facts and powerful insights.


Mine Smarter – Not Harder

Process landscapes are fluid and highly complex. We provide you with a dynamic and straightforward visualization. The significant facts serve as a basis for meaningful decision-making. All facets of your data can be sliced and diced from top-level perspective down to the single document. Comprehensible and expressive.

Various Angles

Wide spectrum
of insights

The tool allows for a business area specific view of the processes with multiple filter options and drill-downs. Quickly find relevant results by adopting different perspectives and explore the option to go into detail/slice & dice at any desired point.
We offer you the entire spectrum. Fully-mapped functional areas and the access to interfacing processes via connection points to follow the facts in detail.

List of Key Features

Recognize how customer-specific you process certain areas and where you work close to the SAP standard.
Recognize at first glance where in the process you have the highest backlog of open items.

Because processes are never linear, we depict processes dynamically and with various angles of the data cube.

Identify main processes (ABC analysis based on recorded documents)
Identify, for example, a high volume of returns in certain company codes.

Work with filters. Take one company code first and then add others. Is there a massive jump somewhere in the volumes or over the time simulation? Is there another substantial business object added somewhere?

Interrelations that the bare eye could not see before can be made clear by powerful slicing and dicing with our tool.

We see 100% of the apples, pears & cherries and don’t throw them in one bucket, but keep them separated from the start.

The arrows on the lines represent the number of variants. Look at them in detail and analyze whether the lived level of granularity is necessary.

We identify heterogeneous business processes better with our expert knowledge right from the start and differentiate/classify items correctly from a business point of view.

We have modeled cancelation processes. E.g in Accounts Receivables we identify dunned or blocked processes and what you might not like to happen, or where there are anomalies.

Who is your major customer and how much does that account for? How many documents have been posted in which process in this context?

Find out which process variants you execute with which countries. For example, for the business processes of your US customers.

Where do you define a standard? Where do you deviate?

We can also condense a few open invoices/items.
Are your business processes homogeneous or are there volume jumps?
Discover anomalies like few sales order items and many deliveries.

Because everything is relevant and interrelated.
With the integration analysis, we can show you which integration flows are implemented and how.

E.g. we show you all process flows: in sales e.g. orders, invoice items but also scheduling agreements, etc.. Add the time dimension/timelapse function, the company code and track your process flows all the way to financial accounting.

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Dynamic and Vibrant

Just like your processes, our tool is intelligent and our interface is dynamic, allowing us to depict your processes as they are: colorful and vibrant.

It adapts to the user’s information needs. We break down the facts into all their facets. Master the complex in a simple interface – allows you to shine with the cutting-edge analysis technology, color-coded results and detailed insights.

Larissa Petersen

Certified Usability Engineer
(Fraunhofer Institute)

process mining
is our vision.

Next Generation
of Process Mining

We pursue the full process mining approach –
not just the first phase. 26 years of experience and a mature analytical base substantiate this expertise.



We provide you with a fully comprehensive and integrated process reference model right from the start, based on IBIS expertise from over 2,000 projects.

Based on your usage, you see 100% of your document flow in the automatically generated process network.



Within the process flow, we identify your process DNA and process variants. We can even see the original blueprint of your customized processes and how you still use them.
Are there exceptions for certain customers or materials during the year? Find out via time-lapse simulation.



We differentiate between SAP’s standard (best practice) and your individualization for each process usage variant. Is there anything you would like to differentiate? We have a collaborative modeling option for our web-based workshop scenario!


Machine Learning / AI

E.g. we map your unclassified custom transaction to the right business processes in the larger product suites.

Prof. Dr. Andreas Hufgard

CTO and Professor of
Information and Process Management

Seamless chain
of argumentation

Impress with us. With the help of meaningful, objective facts, you have an information advantage and a professional, confident appearance. The comprehensive and convincing argumentation will ensure your approval and success.

Provide valid answers to questions like: Which processes are particularly individual and therefore more expensive? Which processes are extremely standardized or have many process variants? And many more.

Dr. Stefanie Rauff

Senior Analysis Content Developer
and Sales Process Specialist

Johannes Schulz

Senior Analysis Content Developer
and Sales Process Specialist

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Reliable quality
of results

Our lean data extraction ensures that we only extract what we need. Analysis results are provided quickly and a contact person is at your side throughout the project. The basis for decision-making is both reliable and well-founded, as is the project support.


Speed and scalability
of the project

Because your project can also behave fluidly, our product is scalable in terms of the data-depth dimension. We always represent the complete spectrum. You decide at which point and in which area you want to see how much. We are scalable and can adjust the amount – and depth – of data as needed. We are happy to help!

Dr. Stephan Streller

Head of Sales